Struggle in the Winter Season for the hustle of Life

At the end of every year winter bloom with its original colors. The colors are different in every city and region. People mostly love to walk in foggy days.

Winter season

Snowfall, Fog, born fire, and the cool wind has the most touchy feelings for the jolly persons. People use to walk on the street just to enjoy and refreshing their minds. And it is a calm way to enhance your smile.

Bonefire with foggy nights until midnight, sharing ideas, thoughts and capturing moments is the coolest way of times. People beautifully managed their time for the winter nights.

Winter season

Poets are curious about their poetry in this season, most of the poetry written in December that brings more warm feelings, for the listener and readers.

Snow forecast

The writer finishes their work by enjoying their routine and a mug of tea or coffee and a long sip increase depth of thinking and thoughts. Sunrays with the beginning of the day bring the brighter shine of day plan and routine.

Snow hills

Sun rays are the most energetic volume for people who used to walk in the fresh air. Cherry trees on the bank of road present that the white flowers are waiting for the sun rays to be absorbed.

Crystal snow

As we can say Sun has a more friendly relation with us because of the motivation of sunrays saying us one step more to explore the beauty of winter.

Winter phone  wallpaper

With this scenario, no one will lose to capture this in clicks. This season has great benefits for phtogphars. Photographers took profit at the peak of their passion.

Sunset in winter

Every little thing touches its sweater and side of beauty. People mostly used their favorite activity in winter. Bonfire is a great source of sharing moments with beloveds.

Snow house

Yes, the photographers are always ready to capture inspiration clicks. The clicks behind clicks are not going to miss.. and there are more opportunities for a photographer in this season like birds, winter sleep and many more.


Snow falling on trees has a wonderful view like a white and bright sky having a glitter scarf. Kids have more vision to play in the snow and the snowman is the cutest character for the winter season.

Winter night

This is not the end of al about winter beauty. A circle of lives starts from the beginning. Wildlife and insects have an impact too. So, is not cool how a changing climate changes our all routine and in a beautiful way.

Winter quotes

On the street, long ways and foggy days! How wonderful and beautiful words are to enjoy. A healthy circle of life walks with lots of fun with the winter season.

Cute snow bears

Youngsters tend to do more extraordinary things in this season. They always try to explore beauty with game challenges. This change also enjoyed by kitchen needs. Our kitchen start following the rules of winter.

Winter frozen lake

Most people enjoy their cup of tea by sitting in front of the open window. They tend to explore a deeper thought with a long sip of green tea.

Winter wallpaper

Rain in this season has moat touchy feelings for the Gardner. Fruits and vegetables get fresh and juicier with rain and Fog. Specially oranges and carrots. People like to drink carrot juice to get vitamin A.

Chill season

In the winter people used to eat a healthy and energetic meal. Fish, dry fruits are the most wanted foods of this season. Restaurants and new dishes with seafood are demanding.

People love to eat their favorite dishes. With this, another psychology fact is many people are unable to adjust their selves in the locker room they use to walk in nights after staying in rooms.

Snow bridge

With the beginning of winter and at the end of the year people get surprised by Christmas. Winter multiply the happiness of people. This did not end or was beginning of happiness but we need to more with depth.

Sunny day in winter

If we are finding joy, moments and melting nature so, we have to look at some major and ignored points of winter. When we talk about inter we always forget about the negative impact on lives and climate.

Teddy Bear

Let me remind you that, people who are living in old age have the most trouble bearing winter effects. Old aged people face many times hard. They caught cold fast. Even the old age people can not bring themselves out from home. Kids get sick too. We have to care about them.


It was not big as this fact is bigger in the world and that is the road accident ratio in the city, country and I all over the world. Fogg affects them badly especially high-speed bikers, car drivers and truck drivers too. Mostly mountains and valley places get more chances to have an incident.

Winter snowman

The people living in that area where the temperature is bellow 0.C have the most difficult time to spend and survive. They get a shortage of less food because of the freezing sea surface and they can not be fishing enough food for themselves and kids.

Warm clothes are difficult to find out. They wear heavy cloths produced by bears and other animal’s skin known as leather. In mostly area water gets freeze after a few seconds and we want to drink we have to boil or heat water.

What is Winter season

Another area is the mountain area where people use to work hard to survive in the winter season. According to the science law environment, the second layer has less oxygen than oxygen in the first layer of the environment. Less oxygen is a difficult period for old aged people.

So, in the end, it is quite simpler to say we are happy and quite difficult to listen we should care about our beloveds and other society. We should keep in mind all the steps to avoid accidents.

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