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Wallpapers are known as desktop backgrounds, desktop pictures, or images for a computer screen, mini pc, and smartphone screens. Wallpaper mostly used to decorate our user interface of the computer, smartphones, and other electronic devices. This type of decoration for a graphical interface of a user has taken place very extensively.



Wallpaper takes place on any kind of electronic devices like smartphones, Personal computers, laptops, and other devices. This kind of environment provides a gesture of interest, energy, and a modern mentality of thinking. Before OS 10, the word wallpaper was known as from window vista that was owned by Microsoft window another name knows as background wallpaper. After Microsoft Windows with Mac, this word came into a new form known as desktop picture. Many times in old days or from the old days this word was simply used for the small or in the form of patterns like background images or desktop patterns.

wallpaper hd

Wallpapers from the beginning

Before or from the started days the binary images or solid color pictures or images were introduced in 19865 having the feature to tile the solid color images. With this start, a new update was started to take palace in history and the first software was introduced for wallpapers or pattern desktop images. In 1989 the new format of Image known as Raster image was presented in the age of modern IT. This was not the end in the 1990 windows 9.0 came with a new feature that was to support wallpapers and the use of the term “Wallpapers.”


There is also the other software in Unix or window 7 known as “GNOME” this one was the default desktop environment. There are two versions of GNOME known as GNOME1 and GNOME2.

Types of Wallpaper

There are many different types of wallpapers from the beginning of the history to these days and expected more exciting surprises to amaze the world and user. Have a look please to,

  • Animated Wallpaper
  • Live Wallpaper
  • GIF


When we talk about the animated wallpaper then we must need to know the actual meaning of animated wallpaper in simple words is, “A character, image, scene that has moving perspective. ” and when we talk about professional words then you should try to understand world animated graphs, wallpaper that means “live or moving” “Dynamic or random background.” 2D and 3D where the dimensions have values and moving features rather than a static image.


Live Wallpapers were introduced in Android to support animated wallpapers. Live wallpapers are based on a software application that provides moving objects, characters, or background images.

Modern OS

In the term of modern wallpaper age, the modern OS or windows support any kind of desktop wallpaper or background images.

Apple or Mac

In apple and Mac, there is built-in function support for wallpapers, desktop background, or background images.


Dynamically or random or moving objects, wallpapers have also been introduced in ios7.

Choice of people

When we talk about wallpapers then what is our right choice for or background images. There are many types of wallpapers or desktop background images of our Personal computers, laptops, business computers, and smartphones for the recommended specifications.

As we know from the start of IT rise there have been ups for the betterment in the field of IT. Everything got high vision and expected vision with the similarity according to specifications.


When we try to draw, design, and create wallpapers for our desktop and background scene we should keep in mind the specifications of your digital devices, smartphones, and computers.  These days their many types of wallpapers that have been categorized into different looks like, vector, graphics, illustration, nature, and photographs. When we select an image for our desktop background then we need to keep in mind the actual size of the pixel according to our screen size. Normal size starts from 800×600 and for the widescreen there is the starting value of a pixel is 1280×720 and into the extensive mode.

When we talk about the qualities of wallpaper then we have to remember our interest and mostly specification of our pc.

Wallpaper categories

Resolution, widescreen, full screen, mobile, and apple.


Wallpapers or desktop background has categorized into different sections like, architecture images, 2D, 3D, HD, 8HD that have been boarded into many types like, nature, Architecture, love, happiness, illustration, fantasy, and others.

Widescreen, images are that kind of wallpaper or desktop background that is displayed within the ratio. That ratio is (width and height).


With the wide range many times it is difficult to find best and exact wallpaper or background images that suit a computer, smartphones, and other digital devices specifications. So, not to worry here are different kinds of types and subtypes related to your hobby, interest, passion, and favorite clicks, drawings, illustrations, vector, perception, and demand. For example, if you are a cartoon lover and find fantasy in your mood then there are a hundred types of wallpaper or background images.

If you are a nature lover then you will find the best and relaxing collection of desktop backgrounds like desert, ocean, sea, cold desert, whales, underwater life, wildlife, sunrise, the sunset, and others.
IT field also reveals lots of facts about their secrets when we see them into vector, illustration, graphics, clicks, and wallpaper. Every profession every interest has his own range into an extensive world.


Whenever we try to follow our passion, interest, and choices there are lots of messy things that we have to manage in the best way. That’s why we need some guidelines according to prevent damage and extra use of our resources. Like every pc, smartphones and desktop pc have their capacities like memory, GPU, and system specifications. Some of the many pc and smartphones do not support 2d or 3d graphics and at the result is damaging many features or slow down the speed of devices.


GPU is known as “graphic processing unit” this part of the machine handles graphical operations including 2D and 3D. Many systems miss this type of specification in functionality that causes is of failure and speed down and rollback of some graphical operations.


Simply wallpapers mostly used to design or decorate our wall and our most visited place. In modern life we always use to visit the place is our mobile and laptop desktop. So here are many types of kinds of wallpapers that are liked, loved, and searched.

  • Quote
  • Islamic
  • Religious
  • Motivational
  • HD backgrounds
  • Nature wallpaper
  • Beach
  • Desert
  • Brands
  • Lake
  • Flowers images
  • Solid colors background
  • Desktop
  • 3D desktop
  • Love wallpaper HD
  • Sad
  • Rose flowers
  • Fantasy Wallpapers
  • Science fiction
  • Friendship quotes
  • Hitler quote
  • Joker wallpaper
  • Hollywood
  • Bollywood actress
  • Bollywood actors
  • Hollywood actress
  • Dark wallpaper
  • Darkness with quote sayings
  • Top wallpapers

Quote Images

Are nice and unique data to arrange your mobile and desktop wall with an elegant touch. Here are different types of quotes like motivational, wisdom, funny, Life lesson, and inspiring quotes wallpapers. Most people love to set them in the front of their screen to inspire their selves form that quote.


Mostly in respect, people love to download religious wallpapers and places like Makah, Mosque, Church, and Temple and situations like praying, celebrations of their religious festivals.


Motivational speeches or words always are the best source to get energy for your goals and being in touch with them thorough wallpapers, and themes is the best way.


HD backgrounds

As life has been turned into modern life our perspective of observing things got the clear and exact point and technology had a wide view so we need to look more clear and with the vision of IT. For these HD wallpapers are the best way to get calm to view, look, observe, and watch widely.

Nature wallpaper

If you are a nature lover you will never miss looking at nature with very closely through clicks and wallpapers. Nature has very broad categories like animals, forests, insects, petals, herbs, shrubs, paths, flowers, and wildlife with great qualities.


There are hundreds of categories to look at wildlife, like animals, panda, elephant, birds, lion, tiger, monkey, snakes, frogs, and everything that fascinates a person who is a lover of nature.

Mountains or hill

Mountains or hills having the most beautiful scenes in clicks or views. With blue sky and clouds and covered with snow.

Sunrise and sunset

The beauty of sunset and sunrise with the high-quality view wallpapers is a great gesture to feel the fresh start of every hope and hope for the better end with the beauty.

IT wallpapers

There is a mixture of different categories to find your loved wallpapers in one place. In HD, 3D, 2D, gaming, and effects wallpapers loved by IT, passionate persons.


Architecture Wallpapers are the most relaxed scenes for great minds.

Love wallpaper

Love is the root of life where you show the best feelings in the best way. Love, romance, pain, and sad wallpaper.

Rose flower

Ross is the beautiful gesture of love, friendship, blessings, kindness, and inner peace to calm your self with the touch of freshness.

Fantasy Wallpapers

Beautiful landscape, dragon, girls, Forrest, magic, anime, background, moon angel, night, and space.

Science fiction

Science is just like magic where you have to lose the depth of reality and come out with a strong fact. For this here are HD, 2D, 3D, and elegant wallpapers for the science fiction lovers.

Friendship quote

Here are strong bonding wallpapers called friendship tribute wallpapers where you will find happy, teasing, and supporting energy in just a view.

Hitler quote

When we talk about quote wallpapers then we will never miss including Hitler quotes for the best interaction or motivation to see behind the things.

hd backgrounds

Dark backgrounds

Most people liked, loved to get dark wallpapers for their desktop screen and mobile screen. The dark wallpaper mostly helps to increase the lifetime of your laptop battery and mobile battery.

Galaxy wallpapers

Here are galaxy wallpapers with a great touch of blue, purple, cute, pink, and colorful texture to decorate your mobile and desktop screen.


Top wallpapers

Here are some top and most loved wallpapers by the audience to use for happiness, inspire, motivate, and for fun.

Windows wallpapers

When we talk about the desktop wallpapers we can not forget about the nice and elegant wallpapers of OS we can not forget to include these wallpapers into the golden list.

  • Win98 wallpapers
  • Windows 7 wallpaper
  • Win8/8.1 wallpapers
  • Win 10 wallpaper
  • Mac wallpapers


Abstract art is the most fascinated attraction that defines not an accurate depiction of a visual reality but instead the use of shapes and colors. Here is some beautiful attraction of this art.


Here are different categories to download wallpapers for car lovers, like black, red, green, yellow, cool, and sports cars.


Sport is a great and energetic passion that’s why people love to contact this energetic activity with every possible act.


Vector images are a great part of modern search where a digital effect or illustration has taken place very widely in marketing.



Happiness and joys are the lovely moments when we see them we automatically get enjoyment from these moments.


Splash or water and waves give you a more relaxing feeling when we touch them with little pressure.


Sea and beaches are romantic and relaxed places for every kind of person and spend time on any occasion.


Oceans with the shade of the blue sky and some times with sunset are gorgeous.


In the whole world, there are many beautiful scenes of bridges like the golden gate, Akashi Kikyo and Brooklyn bridge.


Cities are the best part of great clicks or artwork in the shape of wallpapers.


Food lovers never miss the chance to get attracted to any kind of food and taste. Here are some delicious wallpapers for food lovers.

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