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Love Quotations – Love has so many forms. It can be in the form of true love. Sometimes it can be in the form of daughter/son love. sometimes it can be in the form of motherly/fatherly love. Sometimes it can be in the shape of teacher /student love. Sometimes it can be in the shape of friendship love. And the actual and real form of love is a person who loves His God. Love between God and human being is sacred love among all loves.

But we can’t say that other forms of love are fake and wrong. God created us in such a way that we cant live in this world without falling in love with others. It is God who designed us in such methods that we can’t live without receiving love. we start feeling dying without getting love from others. It is love, who gives us strength and power to bear this difficult life. We can fight with difficulties only thinking about love. It gives us power and makes us strong. Here we are going to describe a love quotation of famous writers and authors and poets.

Love quotations

Love quotations 1

“A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.”
– Elbert Hubbard

A friend is the only person in the world who loves in any condition. He knows your faults. He knows your all dirty secrets but still loves you unconditionally. This is called the true form of friendship love. People in the whole world if they know anything bad about you they can bear this. They always taunt you degrade you. They never care about you. But only a friend, in any case, will sit beside you.

Whenever you are sad, he will comfort you. Do such things that can make you happy. He creates such a situation in which you can forget your worries and pains. But other people when they know your faults they will let you down. They won’t care about you anymore. But a friend is such a cute person, He can’t leave you in the lurch.

He won’t let you down. He won’t let you astray in this world. When the whole world will be against you, he will stand at your side only. A friend is a person you can trust him. You can rely on him. You can tell him your good or bad deeds. You can share each and everything you want to share.

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“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”
– Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss describes love in different ways. He tells us that the person who is love never falls asleep. Because his love is such powerful that it doesn’t let him sleep. Love itself is such a strong emotion. When you fall in love it destroys your night sleep. You cant sleep you cant eat in such a way as you were before easy going person. He also describes love theory in such words when you stopped sleeping you should understand now that you have fallen in love.

Because only love emotion is very strong, It doesn’t let you sleep as you were used to sleeping before. He also adds that whatever love is we can say that the reality of love is far better than dreams. People who always remain in dreams s they fell asleep easily.

Thye are not restless, because they are not in love, but when they fall in love they can’t sleep they cant have dreams anymore because the reality of love is giving them happiness, so they don’t wanna sleep, they don’t wanna see any more dreams they wanna remain wakeup whole nigh up. So they feel their true love. It gives them peace and happiness.

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Love quotations 3

“It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not.”
– Andre Gide, Autumn Leaves

Andre Gide describes love in different styles. He describes love in a totally opposite style. He also uses such bitter words for this reality to explain. He says that its not a good thing to be loved with the lie. It is far better that people know your reality and hate you rather than fake loving you. Sometimes people are friends of benefits, sometimes they are the love of benefits, it means they are loving you but faking it.

In an actual sense, they hate you who you are but they cant say. He thinks it should not happen. rather people should hate you openly rather than faking their love. It is not a good practice in his point of view at all that people show fake love just to get some benefits from you, but in actual sense, they do not love you.

So no need to fake your love rather than people has such power in them to say such bitter and harsh truth. They should accept the truth and they should tell the truth and they should hate others clearly rather than faking their love for others.

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“We accept the love we think we deserve.”
– Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Stephen Chbosky describes love in “The perks Of Being a Wallflower”, he says in this quotation that we are such type people who silently accept and receive love from others rather than think either we are able of this love or not. If someone gives us the love we do not bother on it at all. We do not think that we deserve this love or not we just accept it. We think we are worthy of this love.

Sometimes people feel pity for us and that’s why they love us. Sometimes they care about us and they love us we think we are worthy of their love. But sometimes we do not deserve this love. we are not worthy of that love. Because we are not loving in return we are just taking love but we are not giving love in return. So we can say it doesn’t mean people love us care about us and we are worthy of it.

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Love quotations 5

“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.”
– William W. Purkey

William W.Purkey says that when you fall in love you should react in such ways. you should feel like to dance. And dance like nobody is watching you. You feel so much happiness that your heart also wants to dance in such a condition. He also says that you should love in such a way that nobody can hurt you ever. You should be in such a condition of happiness that nobody can be able to hurt you anymore.

It is only possible in love. Only loves gives such power that it provides you love circle in which you feel secure that no power of the world now can hurt your emotion ever. And he also adds that when you fall in love you should sing a song like nobody is around you like no one is listening to you, no one can hear you, no one can feel you.

Only you are alone can listen yourself can feel yourself, can hear yourself, you sing in such happy emotions and it is only to love who gives us such power of happiness that we feel that this world has become heaven. But the person who is not in love cant feel such thing, for his life is hell. But for the person who is in love can feel this life has become the heaven for him. He feels no pain ever. Love makes him so much happy that the pain itself vanishes. Love becomes for him a light a candle who shows him way in darkness.

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