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When we talk about alive then how we can forget about Life without friendship, love, success, goals, wisdom, and motivation.

Friendship Quotes

Friendship is just like the shadow of your soul. Never leave you alone in your hard times and tough times. Friendship is the most diamond value connection in our lives where we just have value after losing it or without living… Friendship is the most precious gift of nature, relation, time and hat moment when we get to connect.

Sharing moments, days are the great part of friendship our friendship is nothing if we are formal with each other. Friendship is just like a sea that loves old waters and new ones too but most deep with the old one.
Darkness and stars have great bonding they can not live together and shine together. Start to give their shine to add some brightness in darkness and the darkness keep sacrifice his shine for stars. And it is real friendship.

Friendship is just like a Pandora box of life

These all are part of the Pandora box where you open it reveals happiness, greatness, kindness, alive feelings and freshness of life. People are the most important part and connection in our lives in the shape of love, friendships, friends family, husband, kids like little angels, love like mother, brothers, sisters, father and every relation that provide us peace and relaxation on the peak of happiness. When we talk about that feeling we lost our all pain and sorrows because we got the loyal shape of the support.

Durable and loyal connection

Friends are the most durable and loyal connection of our lives. Life is a mixture of every single particle that has pure particle that leads to meaningful relationships. True friends, loyal friends, best friends lead to priceless friendships.

Pure and clean oxygen

A golden friend is a sign of pure and clean oxygen that gives you more energy to defeat things happening in life. We can not lose our true friends at any cost. If you do not want to lose them never put an “ego” word between your relations. Friends are awesome in their gossip and in its nature.

Zero Curse, mean and Ego

Naturally, a man connecting with great attention of bonding it’s known as friendship without any curse, mean, ego and any kind of business relation it is a bonding that created by true intentions. A true friend and best friend never treat you like business dealing and business relation.

Kinds of bonding in life

They will never show you the loss in relation and never show you how much they wasted their time together. They always feel proud that how comic moments have been created by them. Spending all the time together, chat, hangout, sharing all day stories with each other and laughing together on small things is awesome.

Band evergreen moments

e will never forget the good days spent by school friends, college friends, and university friends. From the first day of school to the last day of school we had beautiful and evergreen moments together. In school, on the first day of school, we met with loyal, best and comic fiends that make our school days spicy and interesting. We all have that kind of that good memories.

Always make good memories in our lives with his/her funny and naturally acting and we men that. When we reached or met with that level of updation in college or university days we will never lose our old courage in the shape of true and best friends.

When we talk about good, best and loyal friends we always talk about their loyalty and bonding. In friendship the friends have more meanings then explored or explained in words. We should be loyal and honest too with our friends. We should never forget about good things in a friendship. If you have a good friend, best friend, and loyal friend in your life it is the real shape or real meaning of blessed destiny or blessed life. If you have these all relations then value your life.

Love Quotes

Bloom your self with the peak of happiness.

When we talk about the most beautiful feelings in our life that bloom our selves with the peak of happiness that feeling is Love in our soul and life for others and got by others like friends, family teachers and mostly from God love.

Beautiful Connection through Love

How beautifully we are connected through love. Relations without care and love are soulless that means just a structure of the nonliving mass. We can not deny the existence of love or value of love in our life.
Love your self

Love is a shape of power to stand for self. If your love is enough to change other behavior than increase your dose.

Love is a mixture of care, respect, and Loyalty

The dose of love has a mixture of care, respect, feelings, sharing, loyalty and the most important part is trust.

Love with Trust

Love without trust means fear, curse, one side love, weakness and compromise and that is not a real shape of love it is known as compromise. Compromise in love done by happily have different taste and that taste is beautiful.

Love in Both situation

Love for someone and loved by someone are different feelings. Love my mother and father is the most blessed feeling of sacrifices, care, donation, and sharing. Every love received by different and every single relation has awesome and great feelings.

Awesomeness on the peak

Mother, sister, brother and every single person of a family has thousands of way to express feelings in just a single moment. So, what about the whole life? Awesomeness on the peak! Love from friends, we are just hundreds of times blessed because we have friends in different shapes and receiving love from the relation of different kinds. True, best, good, loyal, understanding and comic friends are providing a bundle of love in their way. Love my teachers is a great feeling ever we met or felt in our lives. We can not ignore a single word of love by our respected teachers we get after giving them respect.

True love by your Honey

Husband and your own life or family is a mountain of love and care. Giving love, respect and care in the most friendly way cover all relations in one word like a husband. He is like a superman that gives you happiness, care, and huge support to your feet just by sharing his love. A wife is also a supper girl in its care.

Care is a remedy to increase Love

Care has another word that is love for family, kids, and husband. Love leads to a member toward a direction where she or he cares about each thing of life.

OverDose of love

We cannot spend our lives without the most important particles of lifelike, love, care and respect. But we should care about overdose and selfish and one-sided love. A one-side love or respect for other feelings is quite a selfish attitude toward loyalty. We should care about our self-respect too if we are sharing love, respect, care, and sacrifices just by one side then it needs to think twice to stop and find better. So, care about your love your self. Love for self is a kinda great feeling ever where you teach your self that how to treat others and how a self feel bad when treated not good.

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